Release Notes

migration-center 3.17

The Auto Classification Module has been removed and replaced with the Amazon Comprehend Enrich Scanner.

Existing configurations of the Auto Classification Module will no longer work with the 3.17 Jobserver.

Features & Enhancements

  • General:

    • Transformation function getDataFromSql can return multiple values (#535420)

  • Hyland OnBase Importer

    • Import documents

    • Set custom metadata

    • Import document revisions

    • Delta migration (only for metadata)

  • Amazon Comprehend Enrich Scanner

    • Enrich documents metadata based on the content

    • Language detection

    • Extract entities (standard and custom)

    • Support custom classifiers

  • Filesystem Scanner:

    • Make versioning case insensitive (#58656)

  • Documentum Scanner:

    • Allow more flexible queries for selecting documents to be scanned (#58345)

    • Create counter for already scanned objects in the execution summary (#58907)

    • Export documents with content_location pointing to the path in the storage (#54317)

  • Cara Importer:

    • Import audit trails from Documentum as audit trails objects (#58797)

    • Index the imported documents (#59513)


  • General:

    • Scheduler next run date not calculated correctly (#58845)

  • Cara Importer:

    • Fix reporting errors for missing/incorrect system attributes (#58488)

    • Fix nonintuitive error message when required content or rendition attributes are not set (#58608)

  • CSV-Excel Scanner:

    • Fix scanning CSV with UTF8 - BOM with first column used as ID (#54010)

  • Veeva Importer:

    • Fix max length for system rules (#59046)

    • Attributes mapping does not work properly when the object_type__v is not the same as the object that is imported (#57383)

  • Veeva Scanner:

    • Binder relations are scanned even if the child documents are not (#56230)

  • SharePoint Online Importer:

    • Temp file is deleted early if HTML error is thrown (#58869)

  • OpenText Content Server Importer:

    • Importing compound documents doesn't fail when folder with same name already exists (#52038)

  • D2 Importer:

    • Repeating default values are not set correctly (#58692)

Known Issues & Limitations

  • Cara Importer:

    • Asynchronous Indexing not setting index on documents (#59574)

  • SharePoint Online Scanner:

    • CAML query not working on SPO Scanner (#59597)

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