Common Parameters

Common Adaptor Details

This set of parameters is present in every adaptor.

  • Name*

    Enter a unique name for this scanner

  • Adapter type*

    Select the required connector from the list of available connectors

  • Location*

    Select the Job Server location where this job should run. Job Servers are defined in the Jobserver window. If no Job Server was selected, migration-center will prompt the user to define a Job Server Location when saving the scanner.

  • Description

    Enter a description for this scanner (optional)

Parameters marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Logging Level

All adaptors have the loggingLevel parameter which sets the verbosity of the run log.

The loggingLevel parameter can have one of 4 numerical values:

1 - logs only errors during scan

2 - is the default value reporting all warnings and errors

3 - logs all successfully performed operations in addition to any warnings or errors

4 - logs all events (for debugging only, use only if instructed by fme product support since it generates a very large amount of output. Do not use in production)