AzureBlob Importer


The AzureBlob importer takes files processed in migration-center and imports them into the target Azure Blob containers.


You will need the Azure Storage EndPoint and a SAS Token to connect the importer to Azure.

A standard Azure Storage Endpoint includes the unique storage account name along with a fixed domain name. The format of a standard endpoint is:


For more information about the Azure Endpoints see:

To generate the SAS Token follow the Azure documentation here:

Importer Configuration

Importer Parameters

Migset System Rules


  • cache_control The Azure document's cache control header. Used to manage the expiration of blob storage in Azure CDN. See:

  • containerName The name of the Azure container where the document will be imported

  • content_disposition The content disposition attribute of the Azure document. The Content-Disposition response header field conveys additional information about how to process the response payload. See:

  • content_encoding The content encoding attribute of the Azure document.

  • content_language The content language attribute of the Azure document.

  • content_type The content type attribute of the Azure document. Sets the content file MIME Type.

  • fileName The file name of the document being imported.

  • folder_path The Azure folder path where the document will be created

  • mc_content_location The content location of document. If not set, the content will correspond with the source object content location

  • target_type The target type representing the AzureBlob document type.


You can set Azure Metadata attributes by adding attributes to the Object Type you will be using in the migset. The Object Type name is not relevant.

Any attribute present in the Object Type and associated in the migset will be set on your imported documents.

Blob Index Tags

You can set Blob Index Tags by adding them to the Object Type and associating them in the migset, just like a regular Metadata attribute.

Index Tag attributes name must have the format index.<name>