Start migration-center


Open the WebClient URL address in the browser: https://<server-name>/mc-web-client/login

After the page loads, click on Manage connections and create a new database connection with all the needed details.

You can connect to your migration-center Database using the default credentials:

User: fmemc Password: migration123


After the installation is complete, the Jobserver needs to be started before it can be used.


You can start or stop the service using the scripts in the Jobserver folder:

  • startService.bat for starting the service

  • stopService.bat for stopping the service

Or by opening the Windows Services window, selecting the Migration Center Job Server service and starting it.

Alternatively the server can be started in console mode using the runConsole.bat script.


The Linux Job Server can be started or stopped by running equivalent Linux scripts inside the “Jobserver/bin” folder

  • ./ for starting the daemon

  • ./ for stopping the daemon

Instead of installing the Job Server as a service/daemon, you can run it in the terminal by executing the script ./ in the bin folder.

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