Release Notes

migration-center 22.1.0

This release brings the new migration-center Web Client component to replace the existing Desktop Client. It comes with all the existing features as well as a few new ones:
  • MultiColumn mapping lists
  • Better handling of the migset configurations
  • Copy / paste transformation rules
  • Search / filter in most tables and lists
  • Split migset feature
  • Export mapping lists and object types
  • New column with total objects per scanner (all runs)
  • Analytics / insights capabilities
The Object History feature is not available in this release of the WebClient. It will be enhanced and provided in the next release.
The dependency on Oracle Client was removed by providing a new Database installer that connects via JDBC and by using the new WebClient.
The versioning was changed this release from the previous incremental versioning to a calendar versioning system.

Features & Enhancements

  • General
    • New migration-center Web Client (#54598)
    • New Database Installer that does not require Oracle Client (#60785)
    • Added support for Oracle 21c. Remove support for Oracle 10g (#60720)
  • Documentum Importer
    • Added support for Documentum 21.4 (#60237)
  • Documentum Scanner
    • Added ability to filter scanned relations (#58806)
    • Allow scanning a list of ids from a file (#59324)
    • Allow providing dqlString with a length > 4000 characters (#60183)
  • D2 Importer
    • Added support for D2 21.4 (#60236)
    • Added mapping of virtual document version binding labels in D2 importer (#52032)
  • OpenText Scanner and Importer
    • Added support scanning and importing projects (#61647)
  • Veeva Importer
    • Delete the documents with a specific attribute set to true (#60692)
  • Alfresco Scanner
    • Allow excluding source attributes (#61956)


  • Documentum Scanner
    • The values of attribute_list in Audit trails are scanned in reverse order (#61134)
    • Mapping relations in Documentum scanner does not work (#62588)
  • D2 Importer
    • D2 validation skipped in some cases: - when property page contains a label that has a value assistance - when property page contains a combo field that are not linked to a property and have "Auto Select Single value list" checked (#60874)
  • Database Scanner
    • Database scanner remove some characters from filenames when exporting content (#61073)
    • Database scanner null pointer (#62181)
    • Database scanner null pointer when object with parent is scanned before parent(#62264)
    • Database scanner throws "no versions returned!" errors on valid data (#62627)
    • Make key values in query configuration file case insensitive (#60509)
  • OpenText Importer
    • Importing compound docs updates with missing parent, results in nullPointerException (#55316)
    • Import does not work with ACL with empty permissions (#61354)
  • OpenText Scanner
    • No objects scanned when rootFolderIds <> "2000" and scanFolderPaths = "/" (#59292)
    • OpenText scanner initializer authenticates too many times (#62301)
  • SharePoint Batch Importer
    • Importing documents failed because the local xorHash is not the same with the one computed on SharePoint (#61262)
    • Could not find SPO time zone with description '(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada) (#61267)
  • Filesystem Scanner
    • FS scanner error logging not working correctly (#61051)
  • Veeva Importer
    • Cannot import objects with a field that refers to itself (#61472)

Known Issues

General issues:
  • OpenText Scanner
    • Invalid characters makes OTCS scanner initializer to stop with error (#62332)
  • SharePoint Scanner
    • SharePoint OnPrem scanner not working with Java 11 (#61270)
  • Veeva Importer
    • Setting value with ',' to a picklist attribute which allows multi-value throws exception (#62501)
    • Map relation names containing spaces does not work as expected (#62657)
  • D2 Importer
    • No error is thrown when virtual document version binding label is set to CURRENT and no child has CURRENT label (#60497)
WebClient issues:
  • Deleting on freshly created and saved Object Type is not performed (#62576)
  • Pressing the logout button causes the token to be deleted even if the user decides not to log out (#62548)
  • Migset openSubTab url namings are not accurate for Properties tab (#62545)
  • Saving a copy of a migset while being on Transformations tab does not replace the url (#62541)
  • Migration Status UI changes when changing tabs (#62472)
  • Multi-value type rule for FileSystem scanner results in multi-value target_type system rule after upgrade to 22.1 (#62464)
  • Object distribution: scanner definition can be selected without selecting type first (#62354)
  • Selecting objects in new migset with no name results in "migset with id 0 cannot be found error" (#62288)
  • Length limitations are not imposed in all fields causing ISE when saving (#62254)
  • Very long names for Transformation rules cause the whole view to scroll (#62250)
  • Red and Yellow Transformation Rules and Steps have no Highlight color when selected (#62057)
  • Red Transformation Rules are not updated after Selecting / Deselecting objects (#62046)
  • Select Objects has incorrect behavior after selecting objects when filters cause no objects to be selected (#62043)
  • Multi Column mapping lists are deleted by the Delphi Client (#62022)
  • Mapping list input field for Value columns gets selected only after several clicks (#61699)
  • CTRL+A does not work on View Value dialog (#61676)
  • Delay when editing the name of a mapping list with many rows loaded (#61614)
  • Columns are ignored if CSV has more columns than mapping list (#61520)
  • Double clicking on mapping list values causes the values to disappear or change cell (#61493)
  • Closing too many notifications takes too long (#60887)
  • Moving selection from an object type attribute to the other is considered a change (#60883)
  • WebClient Uninstaller does not remove some files and environment variables (#60665)
  • Validate objects feature was removed from WebClient and creates confusion (#60568)
  • Migset saving has delay which can create unexpected behaviors (#60204)
  • There is a small delay between dropdown close and being able to select another field (#60203)
  • Adaptors definitions are not refreshed when adding new adapter in Database (#60180)
  • Tables are cached when switching MC databases (#60127)
  • Resizing columns in Scanner/Migset/Importers behaves strangely (#57265)
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