Release Notes

migration-center 23.2

Features & Enhancements

migration-center 23.2 supports running on a PostgreSQL database!
All the components work as expected on a postgres database, with the following not supported features:
  • Scheduler feature
  • Documentum NCC adapter
  • Web Client
    • Improve migset load / save performance (#67260)
    • Improve WebClient UI stability when during CRUD operations (#67053)
  • Job Server
    • Remove unused log4j 1.x with vulnerability from mc-database-adapter (#68606)
  • CSV / Excel Scanner
    • Upgrade CSV/Excel scanner Apache POI to 5.2.3 (#67399)
  • SharePoint Online Importer
    • Increase upload file size limit to 250 GB (#68607)
  • Box Importer
    • Box importer improvements (#67364)
    • Validate the content integrity based on the calculated SHA1 checksum (#66631)
    • Update to SDK 4.2.1 and use App Authentication (#66632)


  • OTCS Scanner
    • Infinite cycle when scanning business workspaces (#66943)
  • SharePoint Online Batch Importer
    • Required column is not ignored because the SharePoint server is set to another language than English (#67384)
  • Veeva Importer
    • Relations with source_version_specific and target_version_specific are not imported correctly (#66460)
  • Veeva Scanner
    • No objects are scanned if the selection document vql contains "&" (#67243)
  • Web Client
    • UTF8 characters are not correctly exported to CSV from Objects Views (#68456)
    • Adding or pasting new rules before the rules are loaded, results in the new rule disappearing (#64941)
    • Migset section sends multiple transfomation requests which results in inconsisstent TR loading (#66449)
    • Refreshing or accessing via URL the Migset Object Preview results in blank screen (#66804)
    • Migset type dropdown is not disabled when copying a migset (#67320)
    • Changing selected row immediately after delete will change selection after delete finishes (#66988)
    • Getting exclusion attribtue values fails when attribtue name contains slash (#67082)
    • Previously used object table filters remain in requests after leaving and revisiting the UI (#67311)
    • The existing adapter can be save with empty value for mandatory parameter (#66613)
    • Tables are cached when switching MC databases (#60127)
    • Clicking Cancel in customize columns resets all columns to checked (#66204)
    • Creating a new rule doesn't deselect previously selected rule (#67487)
    • Adaptors cache is not refreshed when adding new adapter or parameters or when switching databases (#60180)
    • Saving a copy of a migset while being on Transformations tab does not replace the url (#62541)
    • Objects table filter has only visible columns available for filtering (#66451)
    • Associations are copied and removed from previous migset when importing migset config on the same DB (#68463)
    • Invalid migset splitting when selected objects contain both version trees and objects without versions (#66992)
    • Split Migset does not work with Audi Trails (#66454)
    • Migset UI corrupted after creating a new migset, saving and then editing again (#66807)
    • Migset exclusions modifies the displayed attribute names (#66836)
    • Object Preview returns 0 objects when using like(String) advanced filter (#66839)

Known Issues

  • Box Importer
    • The \ character is not recognized as folder path separator as is / (#68448)
    • Importing to existent folder with autoCreateFolders false throws exception (#68449)