Install migration-center on AWS


  1. Obtain your AWS account ID and your desired region (e.g. eu-central-1) and share it with FME (to to get access to the AMI for Migration Center.

  2. Download the Terraform archive ( from the fileexchange platform.

  3. Install Terraform on your system by downloading the Terraform executable and setting the PATH environment variable. See:

  4. Log into the the AWS CLI:

    • Get your user's Access key. IAM -> Users -> <user-name>-> Access Keys (If you don't have one create a new one for Command Line Interface (CLI))

    • Open a CMD and log in to your AWS account using the aws configure command:

    • Set the default region to your desired one (e.g., eu-central-1).

    • Set the default output format (you can use json).

Create Infrastructure

  1. Download and unzip the Migration Center Terraform Archive.

  2. Open a CMD and navigate to the directory of the extracted archive.

  3. Run Terraform commands: terraform init and terraform apply

  4. Set desired values for the requested variables:

    1. var.db_hostname: The hostname for your RDS Postgres database instance. The name must be unique across all DB instances owned by your AWS account in the current AWS Region. Your DB Hostname can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters.

    2. var.db_name: The name for your RDS Postgres database. Your DB Name can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters.

    3. var.deployment_size: The size of the deployment. Possible options: demo, small, medium, large

    4. var.ec2_name: The name of the EC2 Instance.

    5. var.password: Password for the RDS Postgres database admin user. Note that this may show up in logs and it will be stored in the state file.

    6. var.region: AWS region where the infrastructure will be created (eg. eu-central-1)

  5. Once the command finishes it will display your rds_endpoint. Please save this!

Connect to the VM

  1. Navigate to the EC2 Dashboard: EC2 -> Instances.

  2. Select your instance.

  3. Click the "CONNECT" button on the top bar and choose your desired connection method.

Default Username and Password

User: Administrator

Password: O9dz5o?&WgDCvp?(ur70G5T%nfk5SFGH

For security reasons please change the default password after login.

Install the Database

  1. Run the InstallPostgreDataBase.bat file found inside the MC Database Install kit folder on the desktop.

  2. When asked to connect to the Postgres database use the following information:

    1. User: postgres

    2. Password: The var.password variable previously set.

    3. Host: The value of your rds_endpoint without the port. Example: For rds_endpoint: Host:

    4. Port: 5432

    5. Database Name: The var.db_name variable previously set.

  3. Follow the steps as described in the Install Guide for the rest of the installation.

The WebClient and the Jobserver will come preinstalled on your machine.

Verify Installation

  1. Open a web browser.

  2. Access the Migration Center Webclient using the URL: https://localhost/mc-web-client/login

  3. Set up a connection to the database. Select PostgreSQL for the type and use the values from steps 3 to 5 from the Install the Database section above.

  4. Log in using the fmemc user. (default password: migration123)

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